Manual A History of US: Reconstructing America: 1865-1890

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A History of US: Reconstructing America. Revised Third Edition. A History of US Book Seven. Joy Hakim. A History of US. Recommended by the.
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Mahan, like the Greek historian Thucydides, argued that the survival of any great power depended on a strong navy, and that a strong navy depended on island possessions that could serve as naval bases. This module focuses on the two primary areas of American expansion: Middle America including the Caribbean; and the Pacific. The pattern of expansion varied considerably. In some cases, the United States engineered the purchase of new territory as in the case of Alaska ; in other areas American "interests" undermined the local government and asked for annexation as in the case of Hawaii.

In at least one instance Samoa , the native government sought American protection.

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The Consolidation of State Power via Reconstruction: 1865-1890

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    1. A History of US: Book 7: Reconstructing America by Joy Hakim.
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